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We are a company that specializes in long-range detection of minerals, precious metals, water, tunnels, and other hidden or undiscovered valuables. At our disposal is several advanced detection units, including an EM 83, a resistivity technology machine, and a nuclear magnetic resonance locator. We can quickly isolate and pinpoint targets, or let you know if it's even there, saving you a great deal of time in your search. We have years of in-the-field experience and a proven track record. A core part of our company is honesty, integrity, customer service, and competence.

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Notice as of March 5, 2015

How it works:

- You get me to the general area of your target(s) and tell me what to look for.
- Give me the general location of your suspect metals, gems, water tunnels, etc...
- I will pinpoint your target(s) in three dimensions with a minimum of 90 percent accuracy and sometimes to the fraction of an inch

With modern technology, it is now more possible to selectively detect valuable ores and gem stones. I have been doing detection of minerals for about 20 years now, but it has only been in the last three years that I have refined my detection work to the degree I have now.

Terra Firma Assayers is a company that specializes in the detection of underground and undersurface minerals (as in water) and other anomalies such as tunnels, buried treasures, metallic veins, underground water and even burials, as of recent or prehistoric animals.

My most popular service is locating veins and ore deposits for smaller mining companies so that they can minimize the costs of excavation and maximize production. This tends to include approximate depths, variations of deposits, key deposits and concentrations.

I do believe that my detection capabilities are light-years ahead of what is available at present, because I have tested many of the others against mine and there is no comparison to my accuracy of detection. I have personally done my own empirical research and development of my technology (known as the Jericho Unit) and have refined out many nuances that have for a long time plagued many personnel in this field.

Further, I have passed many blind-tests for individuals that were a little doubtful, if not cynical, of the potential of Long Range Locater (LRL) technology.

To seriously interested parties and individuals I give a 15 minute free consultation via the phone. All consultations come with an automatic non-disclosure agreement on my part.

I am willing to travel, but will not go to foreign countries where it is dangerous or illegal to do detection work. We do not sell the equipment or technology. Factually, the technology takes many years of training from many fields of knowledge.

My IT services are provided by a company in Los Angeles.